Safari Dreams

Safari is an immersive journey into nature, where one celebrates and explores their untamed essence. Two threads that weave Africa’s vibrant story- Utilitarian guides that lead the way, & the extensive beadwork of the tribes.

Stamp La Paz

The smallest of things from a trip along with millions of others led to the inspiration to create La Paz. Seamlessly blending the beauty of nature with art, travel and fashion, we craft the most lavish and gorgeous swimwear and resort wear while being mindful of frugality.

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Resort Wear

Trees Laz Paz


La Paz is a responsible luxury fashion brand that prioritizes eco-awareness and reducing carbon footprint without compromising on style. Every silhouette is carefully made and packaged to leave minimal waste behind. We design easy-to-carry, versatile swimwear for all your getaways.

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La Paz is a brand with a social conscience, empowering artisans and striving to create a circular society. We've adopted land in IMT Manesar, which we are transforming into a green oasis, and intend to collaborate with NGOs to support worthy causes. 

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Acacia Top

This collection’s art piece features a hand-carved acacia wood that forms this sculptural bikini top, its smooth curves echoing nature's beauty. Surprisingly light, it offers gentle support with a hidden push-up lining carved out of wood by local artisans in India, lined with organic cotton. Sustainable luxury defies expectations, making a statement as bold as the ocean you'll conquer.


Barbie Maillot

This luxurious resort wear, the Barbie Maillot, boasts a one-of-a-kind crochet design. Its aesthetically pleasing pastel-colored blocks and intricate ties ensure that you exude an elegant and exotic allure, leaving onlookers spellbound. Drawing inspiration from Mexico and crafted by the skilled hands of rural women in India, this design is a true masterpiece with a global appeal.


“I had ordered the Mezcal Set from La Paz without knowing it was reversible. I was already in love with the customer support that helped me choose the right size after placing order. But once I received my bikini set, I fell in love with the construction, design and it’s quality. It’s so difficult to find a good swimwear brand and thank god I have finally found one”

~Soukaina Ibnlfassi

Casablanca, Morocco

"La Paz Swimwear an Indian brand has truly redefined my beach experience. Their swimsuits are not only incredibly stylish and comfortable but also eco-friendly, which aligns perfectly with my values. I feel confident and beautiful every time I wear their designs.

 I'm not only embracing fashion but also making a positive impact on the environment. Thank you, Radhika the young lady behind La Paz for making swimsuits that are both beautiful and responsible!"

~Priya Khotari

Mumbai, India

"La Paz is perfect for anyone who wants to save the environment and look good while doing so! Every single detail has been considered - from the elegant cuts of the swimsuits to biodegradable packaging, including labels that plant seeds once thrown away - La Paz is contributing towards a more sustainable and beautiful planet all round. ”


New Castel, UK

"I had a wonderful experience shopping at La Paz! I fell in love with several designs, but I ultimately chose the Maya Swimsuit because of its elegant design and high-quality construction. I also appreciate the thoughtful gift and the careful packaging. The customer service was top-notch, and I felt like I was really taken care of.  I'm now a fan of the La Paz brand and I can't wait to shop there again in the future.”


Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I love to wear clothes with amazing patterns as well as special cuts in order to be unique; therefore, I fell in love with the collection “Mayan Jungle”. The design is unparalleled and fashionable. In addition, I also admire the high quality of the fabric and the considerate service of LA PAZ. Honestly, wearing LA PAZ is not only a kind of expression, but also a symbol of lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy the sun, beaches and waves anytime and anywhere..”

~Jenny Chang

Tai Pai, Taiwan

"I absolutely loved the fabric , it fits like it was meant for my body type.

A classy and yet functional which describes my style the best

Thank You Team La Paz

for the assistance"

~Devvii Pathania

Delhi, India

"I had a pleasure ordering swimwear from La Paz, their designs are extremely well curated. It is rare for a brand to look and feel both luxurious. Lapaz will be the next big thing from India. They are a class apart. 

I am eagerly waiting for their male swimwear line.”


Delhi, India

“Love the attention to detail and the values Lapaz transmits!

I am a number one fan of bikinis and my favorite is Tulum Sand Bikini, a timeless and elegant piece perfect for every adventure.

Also, nowadays, its lovely to see how brands with more luxurious and unique pieces are also environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.I am very excited to see the upcoming collections!”


Madrid, Spain

"Lapaz swimsuits are perfect for any traveler. They're stylish, comfortable, and durable, and the customer support is top-notch. I've taken my Lapaz swimsuits to places and they haven't let me down"

~Brinda Sharma

Mumbai, India


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