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Beginning with just a spark of inspiration during a trip to Mexico, La Paz essentially means peace, is what we found on that trip which led to a colossal amount of brainstorming to establish and bring into our reality, the brand that we have always dreamt of. Collaborating the two things that we are immensely compassionate about, nature and fashion. La Paz is a conscious luxury brand which aims to bestow both sustainable finesse and lavish swimwear for the perfect escape from the dullness and idleness of life. Our garments will make you feel both confidence with the elegance in them and comfort with the best of material.

Stamp La Paz

We realise the importance of being sustainable, and so when you make a purchase at our store, you will not have to think much. Our garments are made from the finest and the most unparalleled Italian fabrics such as ECONYL® regenerated nylon and carvico. Strong, durable and eco-friendly are a few words often used to describe this fabric. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey on sustainable fashion covered with urbane and aesthetic clothing.

La Paz

Introducing Radhika and Anshul, the globetrotter powerhouse duo behind La Paz! They have seamlessly merged the realms of high-end fashion and environmental consciousness, revolutionizing sustainable style. Radhika, our in-house style maven, brings the pulse of fashion to La Paz, crafting elegant, eco-friendly designs that are in harmony with Mother Earth.

La Paz

Anshul, our resident eco-warrior, leads our mission to reduce our carbon footprint, ensuring every decision aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Together, they are the heart and soul of La Paz, celebrating the fusion of fashion and sustainability. Experience the magic of their sustainable luxury brand, where fashion and eco-consciousness intertwine to create an extraordinary experience.


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La Paz, a brand whose central ideology is to design garments warped in elegance and sustainability, is also conscious of the social injustices present in the society. We toil towards helping our society.

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While our garments are recyclable, our packaging is entirely biodegradable. Our tags are stylish, as well as eco-friendly. Such tags, even if thrown like usual, will not be a hassle. Made from basil seeds, they can be thrown and grown, adding to the beauty of our planet unintentionally. Our mailbags are biodegradable and can conveniently be decomposed through a series of processes. This ensures that none of our packaging leaves waste behind and further increases the plant ratio on our earth.



We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the eco-awareness and sustainability movement. Our unwavering commitment to preserving our planet and reducing our carbon footprint is reflected in every aspect of our brand. We believe that living green is not just a trend, but a way of life. From our brand tags to the mailbags and even the garments are all environmentally friendly. Being a slow fashion brand, we have made our pieces reversible along with a durable material to ensure the longevity of use of each of our garments.



All our pieces are made from a marvellously sustainable material such as ECONYL®. It is a regenerated nylon fabric made entirely from discarded fishing nets and other discarded nylon that would otherwise end up in our oceans and landfills. ECONYL®, a true symbol of the beauty and power of sustainability, is durable, recyclable and is produced with 100% green energy. The ethos of our brand is to raise awareness about sustainable fashion while tackling global warming.