La Paz, a brand whose central ideology is to design garments warped in elegance and sustainability, is also conscious of the social injustices present in the society. We toil towards helping our society. To promote and empower artisans from the rural areas, we have given them the opportunity to work for our brand and showcase their talents such as in the Barbie Maillot and our sarongs.


Village Image Village
VIllage Image Women
VIllage Image Women

Furthermore, having adopted a piece of land in IMT Manesar, Gurugram, we are in the process of turning it rich with trees and beautiful landscaping. We hope that our efforts turn it into a green biodiverse area as well as improve the poor air index at Manesar.

Our aspirations lie in partnering up with NGOs in the near future who are working for a better cause. Sifting through the wrongs, we dearly wish that our efforts make a difference in this society and create the future of the upcoming generations easier and frugal.